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Saturday, July 18th

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Strong Me! is a 12 week, physician-led, structured family weight management program whose mission is to combat Pediatric Obesity. Strong Me! utilizes nutrition education, exercise/Zumba, behavioral modification and spirituality to create health-promoting family habits.

At the end of 3 months, 90% of children experience who participate in Strong Me! experience a stabilization of their BMIs (Body Mass Index), and 90% demonstrate the development of new healthy habits, including increased consumption of vegetables, fruits, water as well as, increased frequency in exercise sessions per week. Three months after leaving the program, 60% of children have maintained these habits.

Strong Me! is a Stage 2 program that meets the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and enables families to develop and sustain healthy health habits. Strong Me! is committed to combating the National Pediatric Obesity Epidemic which, unfortunately, disproportionately affects the children of Memphis, TN and Shelby County.

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